Menorca - mediterranean paradise.

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Menorca, a true paradise in the Mediterranean Sea

Menorca is an island of harmony: its landscapes are a superb mix of colours, highlights and tonalities in a privileged natural setting. Menorca is the balearic island that has preserved its environment the best. More than fourty percent of the menorcan territory is protected by the laws of the Balearic Parlament and in October 1993 it was officialy declared by the UNESCO as 'Reserve of the Biosphere'. Menorca covers an area of 702 square kilometers and has 216 kilometers of coast. The longest distance in Menorca is of 47 kms. between Ciutadella and Mahon. The coast of Sant Luis, in the eastern part of the island, is the first place where the sun rises in Spain. Menorca has a population of 67.000 inhabitants, and is divided into eight municipalities: Mahon, the administrative capital of Menorca, Ciutadella, the previous capital, Alaior, Ferreries, Es Mercadal, Es Castell, Sant Lluís y Es Migjorn Gran.

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Living nature

Menorca is divided into two simetric halves that give it a singular geological and landscape richness. The northern half, with its wild coast of scarce vegetation, is marked by centuries of beating by the sea and the strong north winds in winter, called tramuntana wind . This savagely beautiful north coast, with its flora, fauna and monumentality, harbours numerous virgin islands and orginal beaches with sands of soft red tones. The south is formed by limestone rock, its flat and soft. Its small hills are only interrupted by abrupt canyons sculpted by the force of the water and which protect beautiful beaches of white sand. Some of these coves of cristalline water are only accessible by small rural routes or by the sea. The highest elevation of Menorca, the Monte Toro, with its 357 meters offers the best panoramic views across the island.

Sunset Talayot: Menorca counts with many archeological sites Traditional cuisine in Menorca: fresh marine products and their famous cheese Protected Natural area: Albufera d'es Grau

Cultural Heritage

Menorca has been, from prehistoric times until today, on the route of passing for many cultures thanks to its strategic location in the centre of the western Mediterranean Sea. This has led to that, from the earliest of times, the different civilizations have wanted this island for a place of refuge. Altogether, they have left a rich historical legacy on Menorca, which makes the most eastern territory of the Balearic Islands a land of relevant heritage. Its for this reason that historians and archeologists have considered that Menorca is an authentic open air museum. In Menorca you can find more than 2.000 prehistoric, roman, paleochristian, and arab remains. Th attractive factors of Menorca stays intact today thanks to its marvellous environment, cultural richness, original gastronomy and its own traditions and festivities. The horse is the main actor of the popular celebrations which are held all across the summer in Menorca. From July to September the horses and their riders relive a ritual which was born at the beginning of the 14th century. In these pages we will bring you a bit closer to the most unknown of the Baearic Islands - Menorca.

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